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Interior Design as easy as 1 2 3...

We have made the online process quite simple. Here is an overview of just how easy it can be to work with Moonlight Interior and Redesign Online...

  1. Decide which Design Service Plans are best suited to your needs and place your custom order. All transactions are completed over a secure connection for your privacy and security.
  2. Complete the “Client Project & Worksheet”. The Worksheet will ask for general information pertaining to your color and style preferences, your comments on how you use the room, your budget, etc. The Worksheet will provide the information we need to initiate your project. If you do not know your design style, take our “design style quiz” to determine your style or styles.

    We will also need your sketch of your room plan with various measurements and some details, including photos. We will email you with specific questions if we are unclear on any aspect or detail of the project.
  3. We will call you and review your project and talk about the photos and input we need from you. Based on your input, we will develop a plan for you including any paint swatches all neatly presented in a notebook to help keep your project organized!


Design Service Plans

All of Design Service Plans require information, photographs and measurements. Call us if the Design Service Plans do not include some design detail that you require. We can customize the packages to meet your needs.

Your Furniture Plan                                   $175.00

One Room Floor Plan using only what you already have. We will supply one or two (if there are two options) floor plans using the furniture that you already own.

You will receive:

  • One or two (if applicable) scale drawn floor plan(s) of your one room.
  • All furniture will be drawn to scale on the plan, identified and the measurements will be noted.
  • If explanations are needed, additional notes from your designer will be included.
  • All will be in a notebook that will protect your plan and you can take with you shopping.
 Your Furniture Plan 
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Your Furniture Plan Plus                            $250.00

One Room Floor Plan using any furniture you already own that you want to use and suggested added furniture. This also includes only specifying new furniture if you have none to start with! We will specify the added pieces using examples from online stores.

You will receive:

  • One or two (if applicable) scale drawn floor plan(s) of your one room.
  • All furniture, whether yours or newly proposed pieces will be drawn to scale on the plan, identified and the measurements will be noted. Pictures of the proposed pieces and their source and costs, if available, will be enclosed.
  • All will be in a notebook that will protect your plan and pictures. It will be handy to take shopping.
 Your Furniture Plan Plus 
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Accessory Package                                 $100.00
(added to one of the furniture plans above)

Add suggested accessories from what you have or from online examples to either of above packages. This includes lamps, artwork, mirrors, window coverings, rugs, etc.

You will receive:

  • The specified above floor plan with furniture and accessories noted on the plan.
  • Any new proposed accessories will have pictures, with the source and costs noted if available.
 Accessory Package 
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Room Color Package                             $25.00 ea.
(added to one of the furniture plans above)

Add wall & ceiling color per room. You will receive an 8 ½” X 11” wall and ceiling paint swatch of each color.

 Room Color Package 
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Entire House Color Package                     $100.00
(added to one of the furniture plans above)

We’ll choose wall & ceiling color palette for the entire house. This package includes up to 8 colors for you to use wherever you want. You will receive an 8 ½” X 11” wall and ceiling paint swatch of each proposed color.

 Entire House Color Package 

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Answer an Online Question                         $75.00

Do you have a design problem that you just cannot seem to solve on your own? Could an answer to your question by a Professional Designer be of great help? You will receive a written response and a if sketch or quick drawing will make things clearer, we’ll not only answer the question but send a sketch also.

 Answer to your Question 

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Gift Certificates

If you need the perfect gift for newlyweds, a new homeowner or for any of your friends and family, let us know. We can gift package any of the above services as a personalized gift certificate and make you and the recipient’s home look great!

 Gift Certificate 
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recipient's name
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We're ready when you are...

After you have purchased your Design Service Plan(s) we will be in touch with you to our get your project started quickly. We will email you a link to our Client Project Worksheet to gather your project details.

» Client Worksheet Example
(here is an example of a completed worksheet that may be helpful as you complete yours)

What to expect...

Once you have submitted your information, room dimensions and photos, we will design and create your personal plan. We have found that a written, “put it in a folder and put it in your hands” plan works best. You have the plan to use when you shop. You can shop online or at a local retailer…whatever works best for you.

You should receive your plan in 2-3 weeks. We will order paint swatches when color is involved and include them in your plans. We will keep a copy in case there are associated questions you may have.

The plan, explanations of the whys and wherefores, suggested additional furniture, accessories or color swatches will be sent to you in a notebook that allows you to add pages and notes to be organized…remember that we are DETAIL freaks!

How to measure a room...

Our Guarantee

Our Goal is to make your home as functional and beautiful as possible, to solve your design dilemmas to the best of our ability and to make you a satisfied customer who wants to come back for more! We want to do this in a fairly priced and timely manner.

We rely on the information provided by you on the Client Project & Worksheet and your written notes, measurements and photographs. If there is more than one person involved in the process, we need the Worksheet to note that and both persons must jointly agree on the Worksheet answers.

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, we want to know about it and we want the chance to satisfy your design needs! If this does happen, please email us within 30 days letting us know what does not work for you in detail. We are happy when you are.

Our Online Plan Packages...

We will supply you with a hard copy floor plan(s), if applicable. The plans will be drawn to scale and all furniture will be identified and measurements will be noted. If we are suggesting additional new furniture options for you, we will send pictures of suggested pieces from online stores with placement, sizes and costs included. You can purchase anywhere you please. These pictures may be exactly what you want or they will provide help for you when shopping locally and finding what you do want.

If the accessories package was added, we will note your existing accessories on the plan as well as any suggested accessories from online suppliers. Whenever we can find an option online, we will send a picture and the price. If Color options are added, we order and send you 8 ½” x 11” actual color swatches in your package. We love Sherwin Williams paint and solely specify it. You can purchase this brand of paint or have the swatches matched at any paint store in your area. We will note the location(s) of the paint color(s) on your plan and suggest the finish that will best suit your needs.

If an email question requires a sketch, we will supply that to you along with a written response. If not terribly detailed, we will email the response and sketch.

Gift Certificates arrive packaged and ready to present to your recipient. Let us know the occasion and we will supply an appropriately styled card. Let us know if we are to send it to you or straight to your lucky recipient!